Our WOMAN ON Pledge

At WOMAN ON, we're committed to building a company that is equitable and anti-racist. Because race, class and gender cannot be untied, our work as feminists must be intersectional. We're here, so here, for that. There's a big difference between intention and action, and here's our commitment to both: 

  • Tell the stories of all womxn. Representation is important to us so when you look at our guest roster, you'll see 50% or more from a range of identities across race, sexuality, gender nonconforming and ability. 
  • Donate to and partner with anti-racist organizations committed to creating a more inclusive future. For Szn 1, we’ll be making a donation to an organization voted on by our team. We’ve also partnered with BAYCAT, to give collective memberships to current students and alumni. BAYCAT exists to end racial, gender and economic inequity by creating powerful, authentic media while diversifying the creative industry.
  • Hire a diverse group of employees,...
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